At BAA you will have trainers having local and foreign working and training experiences in various areas of aviation with :

The cumulative professional experience and exposure of the faculties are more than 100 years. They are ready to share their expertise with you.

Be Selfish ... Invest on Yourself

Our Vision

To develop skilled, knowledgeable and competitive airlines sales personnel for the industry, who are able to lead inspire and deliver, so that BAA is eventually known as the best training provider in the region.

Our Mission Statement

To design and offer professional airlines sales and operational training, to add value and effectiveness in the learning process of the participants so that they are able to compete, contribute and serve the industry with passion and professionalism.



Career in aviation is always exciting, having multi-faceted choices for service oriented professionals who want to work in Airlines, Airports, Travel Agencies, Destination Management & Marketing Companies, Leisure & Holiday Operators, Aviation Technologies and go places!

The profession is pretty much customer-based and service-oriented, rather than labour intensive or action dominated and therefore, its not how much they personally gain but how best they utilize the training to take the customer satisfaction level higher, which shall be the benchmark for future of aviation.

The aviation industry in our country with its booming pace now demands mature leadership and appropriate expertise to meet the challenges of the new era to face global challenges, like ecological issues, besides economical. Perhaps, it’s time to evaluate all our actions in terms of dynamic management, well-timed policies, modern equipments, up-to-date training and a fresh group of self-motivated professionals, rather than quantifying individual success or failure.

Aviation sector has seen a tremendous growth in Bangladesh like every other country as the preferred sector to serve, this is because of:

Apart from having cultural and educational values, aviation is the world's largest industry and plays a significant role in generating employment and income in most modern and developing economies. With changing paradigm and cutting edge technology, highly competitive and skill enhancement has become a priority.